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Sat Aug 12 15:06:23 2017 UTC (3 years, 1 month ago) by william
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copy trunk from skyui_510
1 úWÀÞUÓüSKI_ActiveEffectsWidget.psc Sebastian SEBASTIAN-PChSKI_ActiveEffectsWidgetEnabled
2 EffectSizeGroupEffectCount OrientationMinimumTimeLeftGetState GotoState
3 GetVersionOnVersionUpdate OnWidgetResetGetWidgetSource GetWidgetType conditionalhiddenSKI_WidgetBase _orientationStringvertical_enabledBool _effectSizeFloat_minimumTimeLeftInt_groupEffectCountNonea_val::temp0::temp1::temp2 ::nonevarReadyselfHUD_MENU
4 WidgetRoot .setEnabledui
5 InvokeBool/Whether the active effects are displayed or not::temp3::temp4::temp5.setEffectSize InvokeFloat>Size of each effect icon in pixels at a resolution of 1280x720::temp12::temp13::temp14.setMinTimeLeft InvokeInt3The minimum time left for an effect to be displayed::temp9::temp10::temp11.setOrientation InvokeStringcThe axis in which new effects will be added to after the total number of effects > GroupEffectCount::temp6::temp7::temp8.setGroupEffectCountQMaximum number of widgets displayed until a new group (column, or row) is created a_version::temp15::temp16::temp17::temp18String[]hudModes::CurrentVersion_var: Updating to script version 2debugTraceAll StealthModeFavorSwimming HorseMode WarHorseModeModes9Function that switches this object to the specified statenewState
6 onEndState::State onBeginState::temp19Float[]::temp20::temp21::temp22::temp23::temp24
7 numberArgs
8 stringArgs .initNumbers InvokeFloatA .initStrings InvokeStringA .initCommitInvokeskyui/activeeffects.swf'Function that returns the current stateQ¦i×$())*****267788888@DEEFFFFFNRSSTTTTT\`aabbbbb 
9 mmmmmmnnnppqqrrssttuuvvxxx €ƒƒ„„„……†††‡‡‡ˆˆˆˆ‹‹ŒŒ ˜ uB@´(  !"#"$"%&' .)*+  !"))#"*$"+++,&- *+4/01  !"//#"0$"1112&3 01:567  !"55#"6$"7778&9 67?;<=  !";;#"<$"===>&3 <=
10 @ABC DEFEA@AAABGABAC"CCHIJ CD FD CK!FC CL!FC CM!FC CN!FC CO!FC CP!FC DFQ"D RS T"  USV"    WXYZ[\]E^X_E  W ^WZ YZ!^Y Y!^YY ZY!^ZY ZY!^Z#"[$"\\\`&a [\^] _] [!_[#"\$"[[[b&c \[_#"\$"[[[d&e \[ fgU


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