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Diff of /trunk/pcsx2/gui/Panels/GSWindowPanel.cpp

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--- trunk/pcsx2/gui/Panels/GSWindowPanel.cpp	2010/12/23 11:48:33	279
+++ trunk/pcsx2/gui/Panels/GSWindowPanel.cpp	2010/12/23 12:02:12	280
@@ -48,28 +48,28 @@
 	m_check_VsyncEnable	= new pxCheckBox( this, _("Wait for vsync on refresh") );
 	m_check_ExclusiveFS = new pxCheckBox( this, _("Use exclusive fullscreen mode (if available)") );
-	m_check_VsyncEnable->SetToolTip( pxE( ".Tooltip:Window:Vsync",
+	m_check_VsyncEnable->SetToolTip( pxEt( "!ContextTip:Window:Vsync",
 		L"Vsync eliminates screen tearing but typically has a big performance hit. "
 		L"It usually only applies to fullscreen mode, and may not work with all GS plugins."
 	) );
-	m_check_HideMouse->SetToolTip( pxE( ".Tooltip:Window:HideMouse",
+	m_check_HideMouse->SetToolTip( pxEt( "!ContextTip:Window:HideMouse",
 		L"Check this to force the mouse cursor invisible inside the GS window; useful if using "
 		L"the mouse as a primary control device for gaming.  By default the mouse auto-hides after "
 		L"2 seconds of inactivity."
 	) );
-	m_check_Fullscreen->SetToolTip( pxE( ".Tooltip:Window:Fullscreen",
+	m_check_Fullscreen->SetToolTip( pxEt( "!ContextTip:Window:Fullscreen",
 		L"Enables automatic mode switch to fullscreen when starting or resuming emulation. "
 		L"You can still toggle fullscreen display at any time using alt-enter."
 	) );
-	m_check_ExclusiveFS->SetToolTip( pxE( ".Tooltip:Window:FullscreenExclusive",
+	m_check_ExclusiveFS->SetToolTip( pxEt( "!ContextTip:Window:FullscreenExclusive",
 		L"Fullscreen Exclusive Mode may look better on older CRTs and might be a little faster on older video cards, "
 		L"but typically can lead to memory leaks or random crashes when entering/leaving fullscreen mode."
 	) );
-	m_check_CloseGS->SetToolTip( pxE( ".Tooltip:Window:HideGS",
+	m_check_CloseGS->SetToolTip( pxEt( "!ContextTip:Window:HideGS",
 		L"Completely closes the often large and bulky GS window when pressing "
 		L"ESC or suspending the emulator."
 	) );


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