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Tue Sep 7 11:08:22 2010 UTC (9 years, 10 months ago) by william
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1 -------------------------------------
2 PCSX2 NSIS Installer Instructions
3 -------------------------------------
5 * Install NSIS (tested with 2.45)
6 * Install NSIS Script: Advanced Uninstall Log (you can find it on NSIS wiki)
8 * Download the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable and save it to this nsis/ folder under the name:
9 vcredist_2008_sp1_x86.exe
11 * Download the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable and save it to this nsis/ folder.
12 vcredist_2010_x86.exe
14 [both files can be obtained from Microsoft's website, just google for them]
16 * Download the DirectX Web Installer (vcwebsetup.exe) from Microsoft's website and save it to
17 this nsis/ folder. (currently required, might be made optional later). No name change is
18 required.
20 * Load the PCSX2 Suite solution and rebuild all in the following targets:
21 * Release SSE2
22 * Release SSSE3 (only needed if packaging plugins)
23 * Release SSE4 (only needed if packaging plugins)
24 * Devel (optional)
26 You may selectively unload plugins you do not wish to package prior to running the NSIS
27 script.
29 * Compile script! Output executable will be generated to the output/ folder.
32 --------------------------------------------
33 Compilation Targets and Plugin Inclusion
34 --------------------------------------------
36 The installer will include plugins only if they are present. If you do not build plugins, or
37 remove some (or all) plugins before running the nsis script, only PCSX2 and whatever remaining
38 plugins will be packaged.
40 GSdx SSE2, SSSE3, and SSE4 versions are all included into the installer *if* they are present.
41 You will need to follow the above instructions and compile all release targets to get all the
42 GSdx DLLs.
45 --------------------------------------------
46 Recommendations to Developers
47 --------------------------------------------
49 From Air: I use Eclipse to edit NSIS scripts. Do a google search for 'nsis eclipse' and it
50 should take you to the NSIS wiki with instructions on how to set up a NSIS environment in
51 Eclipse. This typically only takes me a few minutes (yes it's really that painless). Via
52 Eclipse you can use F2 and F3 for online help and context help on NSIS commands, and the syntax
53 highlighting is very clean and NSIS-specific. Additionally it'll give you Visual Studio-style
54 hyperlinks for errors during compilation, so that you can simply click on an error and be taken
55 right to the offending line of code. Highly recommended! :)
58 --------------------------------------------
59 TODO / Wish List!!
60 --------------------------------------------
62 * pcsx2-dev should probably be an optional section, conditionally scripted only if the
63 file is present at compilation time, and packaged.

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