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2 PCSX2 Language Translation Templates (POT format)
3 -------------------------------------------------
5 Quick overview of using POT files:
7 POT files are essentially identical to PO files, except that they have no translated
8 text strings filled in yet. Your job as a translator is to make copies of these files,
9 give then .PO extensions, fill in the properly translated text for each string in the
10 files, test, and then submit the new PO file to the PCSX2 Team.
12 The PCSX2 Team recommends using Poedit to help make your life easier.
14 Details on PCSX2's use of gettext, translation, and tesing/submitting new translations,
15 visit our wiki at googlecode: https://code.google.com/p/pcsx2/wiki/TranslationGuide
18 Jake Stine (Air)
19 PCSX2 Development Team

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