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Fri Feb 25 17:31:09 2011 UTC (9 years, 4 months ago) by william
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Auto Commited Import of: pcsx2-0.9.7-DEBUG (upstream: v0.9.7.4358 local: v0.9.7.313-latest) in ./trunk
1 Folder: /trunk/locales
2 Contains: PO files for gettext language translations
5 The PO files in this folder are the most current/up-to-date translations for any given revision
6 of PCSX2. When checking out trunk, for example, these files are usually chasing a "moving
7 target" that may have a number of language string changes from PO file contents. When checking
8 out a stable release branch (such as 0.9.8) the PO files should be fairly stable and unchanging.
10 In general it is recommended that translators focus time on perfecting stable releases, and
11 contribute to trunk/dev-branch languages only if you're feeling eagar, or if PCSX2 devs have
12 announced a scheduled stable release in the future (ie, requested translators to update and
13 submit new PO files).

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