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Diff of /trunk/debian-unstable-upstream/create_pcsx2_tarball_from_svn_repository.sh

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revision 62 by william, Tue Sep 7 11:08:22 2010 UTC revision 273 by william, Fri Nov 12 01:10:22 2010 UTC
# Line 132  rm -fr "${NEW_DIR}/plugins/zzogl-pg/open Line 132  rm -fr "${NEW_DIR}/plugins/zzogl-pg/open
132  rm -fr "${NEW_DIR}/tools/GSDumpGUI"  rm -fr "${NEW_DIR}/tools/GSDumpGUI"
133  rm -fr "${NEW_DIR}/common/vsprops"  rm -fr "${NEW_DIR}/common/vsprops"
134  echo "Remove useless files (copyright issues)"  echo "Remove useless files (copyright issues)"
135  rm -fr "${NEW_DIR}/plugins/zzogl-pg/opengl/ZeroGSShaders/zlib"  rm -fr "${NEW_DIR}/plugins/zzogl-pg/opengl/ZeroGSShaders"
136  rm -fr "${NEW_DIR}/common/src/Utilities/x86/MemcpyFast.cpp"  rm -fr "${NEW_DIR}/common/src/Utilities/x86/MemcpyFast.cpp"
137    rm -fr "${NEW_DIR}/plugins/zzogl-pg/opengl/memcpy_amd.cpp"
139  ## BUILD  ## BUILD
140  echo "Build the tar.gz file"  echo "Build the tar.gz file"

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