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Mon Sep 6 13:44:19 2010 UTC (10 years, 9 months ago) by william
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initial checkout of r3113 from upstream repository
1 :: clean_msvc.cmd
2 ::
3 :: This batch file cleans up some files that MSVC's Clean/Rebuild commands tend to miss. In
4 :: particular the .ilk and .pdb files are known to get corrupted and cause all sorts of odd linker
5 :: linker errors, and the .ncb files can also get corrupted and cause intellisense breakges.
6 ::
7 :: Safety: This tool should be pretty safe. It uses the command path to perform the deletion,
8 :: instead of relying on the CWD (which can sometimes fail to be set when working with UNCs across
9 :: network shares). Furthermore, none of the files it deletes are important. That is, they're
10 :: all files MSVC just rebuilds automatically next time you run/recompile. The one minor
11 :: exception is *.pdb, since windows and a lot of developer tools include PDB sets to assist in
12 :: application debugging (however these files are by no means required by any software).
14 del /s "%~dp0\*.ncb"
15 del /s "%~dp0\*.obj"
16 del /s "%~dp0\bin\*.ilk"
17 del /s "%~dp0\*.idb"
18 del /s "%~dp0\*.bsc"
19 del /s "%~dp0\*.sbr"
20 del /s "%~dp0\*.pch"
21 del /s "%~dp0\*.pdb"
23 del /s /q "%~dp0\deps"
25 :: These two can't be used currently because they match unwanted 4+ letter extensions, such
26 :: as *.resx and *.tmpl ... wow, stupid. >_<
28 :: del /s "%~dp0\*.tmp"
29 :: del /s "%~dp0\*.res"

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