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Tue Sep 7 03:24:11 2010 UTC (10 years ago) by william
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committing r3113 initial commit again...
1 -----------------------------------
2 -- Air's Notes on Using PThreads --
3 -----------------------------------
5 The official name of the DLL is "w32pthreads.dll" -- I use the prefix to indicate with
6 some vaugeness that the pthreads dll is a modified non-standard implementation (see below
7 for details); just in case pthreads-win32 dlls in another universe were to be conflicting
8 interests.
10 I created a subfolder for pthreads' publically exposed header files, since "config.h" was
11 rather brutal include file namespace pollution. >_<
13 Important: pthread_cond is an inherently flawed concept, and is quite incredibly slow
14 on top of it. It's primarily meant for inter-process thread regulation, of which we
15 do none. Therefore it has been excluded from the library builds. Don't use it!
17 I've also disabled rwlocks, since they use pthread_cond internally. Again, there should
18 be little or no reason to have to use those within the context of a high performance app
19 like Pcsx2.

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