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Tue Sep 7 03:24:11 2010 UTC (9 years, 11 months ago) by william
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committing r3113 initial commit again...
1 Contributors (in approximate order of appearance)
3 [See also the ChangeLog file where individuals are
4 attributed in log entries. Likewise in the FAQ file.]
6 Ben Elliston bje at cygnus dot com
7 Initiated the project;
8 setup the project infrastructure (CVS, web page, etc.);
9 early prototype routines.
10 Ross Johnson rpj at callisto dot canberra dot edu dot au
11 early prototype routines;
12 ongoing project coordination/maintenance;
13 implementation of spin locks and barriers;
14 various enhancements;
15 bug fixes;
16 documentation;
17 testsuite.
18 Robert Colquhoun rjc at trump dot net dot au
19 Early bug fixes.
20 John E. Bossom John dot Bossom at cognos dot com
21 Contributed substantial original working implementation;
22 bug fixes;
23 ongoing guidance and standards interpretation.
24 Anders Norlander anorland at hem2 dot passagen dot se
25 Early enhancements and runtime checking for supported
26 Win32 routines.
27 Tor Lillqvist tml at iki dot fi
28 General enhancements;
29 early bug fixes to condition variables.
30 Scott Lightner scott at curriculum dot com
31 Bug fix.
32 Kevin Ruland Kevin dot Ruland at anheuser-busch dot com
33 Various bug fixes.
34 Mike Russo miker at eai dot com
35 Bug fix.
36 Mark E. Armstrong avail at pacbell dot net
37 Bug fixes.
38 Lorin Hochstein lmh at xiphos dot ca
39 general bug fixes; bug fixes to condition variables.
40 Peter Slacik Peter dot Slacik at tatramed dot sk
41 Bug fixes.
42 Mumit Khan khan at xraylith dot wisc dot edu
43 Fixes to work with Mingw32.
44 Milan Gardian mg at tatramed dot sk
45 Bug fixes and reports/analyses of obscure problems.
46 Aurelio Medina aureliom at crt dot com
47 First implementation of read-write locks.
48 Graham Dumpleton Graham dot Dumpleton at ra dot pad dot otc dot telstra dot com dot au
49 Bug fix in condition variables.
50 Tristan Savatier tristan at mpegtv dot com
51 WinCE port.
52 Erik Hensema erik at hensema dot xs4all dot nl
53 Bug fixes.
54 Rich Peters rpeters at micro-magic dot com
55 Todd Owen towen at lucidcalm dot dropbear dot id dot au
56 Bug fixes to dll loading.
57 Jason Nye jnye at nbnet dot nb dot ca
58 Implementation of async cancelation.
59 Fred Forester fforest at eticomm dot net
60 Kevin D. Clark kclark at cabletron dot com
61 David Baggett dmb at itasoftware dot com
62 Bug fixes.
63 Paul Redondo paul at matchvision dot com
64 Scott McCaskill scott at 3dfx dot com
65 Bug fixes.
66 Jef Gearhart jgearhart at tpssys dot com
67 Bug fix.
68 Arthur Kantor akantor at bexusa dot com
69 Mutex enhancements.
70 Steven Reddie smr at essemer dot com dot au
71 Bug fix.
72 Alexander Terekhov TEREKHOV at de dot ibm dot com
73 Re-implemented and improved read-write locks;
74 (with Louis Thomas) re-implemented and improved
75 condition variables;
76 enhancements to semaphores;
77 enhancements to mutexes;
78 new mutex implementation in 'futex' style;
79 suggested a robust implementation of pthread_once
80 similar to that implemented by V.Kliathcko;
81 system clock change handling re CV timeouts;
82 bug fixes.
83 Thomas Pfaff tpfaff at gmx dot net
84 Changes to make C version usable with C++ applications;
85 re-implemented mutex routines to avoid Win32 mutexes
86 and TryEnterCriticalSection;
87 procedure to fix Mingw32 thread-safety issues.
88 Franco Bez franco dot bez at gmx dot de
89 procedure to fix Mingw32 thread-safety issues.
90 Louis Thomas lthomas at arbitrade dot com
91 (with Alexander Terekhov) re-implemented and improved
92 condition variables.
93 David Korn dgk at research dot att dot com
94 Ported to UWIN.
95 Phil Frisbie, Jr. phil at hawksoft dot com
96 Bug fix.
97 Ralf Brese Ralf dot Brese at pdb4 dot siemens dot de
98 Bug fix.
99 prionx at juno dot com prionx at juno dot com
100 Bug fixes.
101 Max Woodbury mtew at cds dot duke dot edu
102 POSIX versioning conditionals;
103 reduced namespace pollution;
104 idea to separate routines to reduce statically
105 linked image sizes.
106 Rob Fanner rfanner at stonethree dot com
107 Bug fix.
108 Michael Johnson michaelj at maine dot rr dot com
109 Bug fix.
110 Nicolas Barry boozai at yahoo dot com
111 Bug fixes.
112 Piet van Bruggen pietvb at newbridges dot nl
113 Bug fix.
114 Makoto Kato raven at oldskool dot jp
115 AMD64 port.
116 Panagiotis E. Hadjidoukas peh at hpclab dot ceid dot upatras dot gr
117 Contributed the QueueUserAPCEx package which
118 makes preemptive async cancelation possible.
119 Will Bryant will dot bryant at ecosm dot com
120 Borland compiler patch and makefile.
121 Anuj Goyal anuj dot goyal at gmail dot com
122 Port to Digital Mars compiler.
123 Gottlob Frege gottlobfrege at gmail dot com
124 re-implemented pthread_once (version 2)
125 (pthread_once cancellation added by rpj).
126 Vladimir Kliatchko vladimir at kliatchko dot com
127 reimplemented pthread_once with the same form
128 as described by A.Terekhov (later version 2);
129 implementation of MCS (Mellor-Crummey/Scott) locks.

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