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Mon Sep 6 13:44:19 2010 UTC (10 years, 11 months ago) by william
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initial checkout of r3113 from upstream repository
2 Folder: /3rdparty
4 This folder contains libraries written and (un?)maintained by people or parties
5 outside the Pcsx2 DevTeam. Libraries or code snippets written by the PCSX2 team
6 are housed in /common instead.
8 Cross-Compilation:
10 Most libraries includes in /3rdparty come as either default installations in Linux
11 distributions, or are easily obtainable. Using the PCSX2 versions included here is
12 optional in such cases, however using the distro-provided packages is not recommended.
13 (using PCSX2 included versions may help resolve versioning issues).
15 Note that wxWidgets includes *only* MSW projects and files. Linux and Mac platforms
16 are assumed to have wx already available in your distributions.
18 Modifications:
20 Most of these libs in /3rdparty have been tailored slightly from the original
21 forms downloaded from the net. So if you want to upgrade to a new version you
22 will need to do a proper diff merge. Likewise, if you modify anything in a
23 3rdparty library you should be sure to tag the modification with your sig or
24 a "pcsx2" or something. Thirdly, you can use Svn Log to check for modifications,
25 however folder renames or svn homesite changes may not have all relevant history
26 necessary to make an accurate merge.

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