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Fri Feb 25 17:31:09 2011 UTC (9 years, 10 months ago) by william
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1 SDL 1.3 with open pandora console support ( http://openpandora.org/ )
2 =====================================================================
4 - A pandora specific video driver was writed to allow SDL 1.3 with OpenGL ES
5 support to work on the pandora under the framebuffer. This driver do not have
6 input support for now, so if you use it you will have to add your own control code.
7 The video driver name is "pandora" so if you have problem running it from
8 the framebuffer, try to set the following variable before starting your application :
9 "export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=pandora"
11 - OpenGL ES support was added to the x11 driver, so it's working like the normal
12 x11 driver one with OpenGLX support, with SDL input event's etc..
15 David Carré (Cpasjuste)
16 cpasjuste@gmail.com

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