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Tue Sep 7 03:29:01 2010 UTC (10 years, 8 months ago) by william
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branching from upstream revision (http://pcsx2.googlecode.com/svn/trunk
): r3113 to
1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------
2 25. December, 2004 Version 1.2
4 - The plugin is tested with PCSX2 0.7!
6 - I've repaired a stupid bug concerning calculating the track sizes.
8 - I've added an hack for big DVDs (fake minute info in the CDVDgetTD
9 function).
12 --------------------------------------------------------------------------
13 29. March, 2004 Version 1.1
15 - Ah, to make it short: I've got some times this weekend, tried the
16 PCSX2 0.6 version, noticed that my relatively new Plextor PX-708A
17 drive didn't work with the P.E.Op.S. dvd plugin, and therefore
18 added a new good working reading mode.
20 So, if you had just some error message like 'unable to open dvd
21 plugin' with PCSX2 and the P.E.Op.S. dvd plugin in the past, chances
22 are high that this version will now give better results on your
23 system. At least I was able to see the first intro screens of some
24 games without problems :)
27 --------------------------------------------------------------------------
29 19. November, 2003 Version 1.0
31 - What to say? Blame Shadow of the PCSX2 team... he wanted
32 a PS2 CDVD plugin from me, and he didn't give up asking until
33 I made one, sigh ;)
35 Ok, I have done this plugin using my old P.E.Op.S. PSX cdr
36 plugin sources, so you will notice some similaries, of course.
38 This plugin is able to play PS2 CDs and PS2 DVDs in your
39 PC's CD/DVD drives, and since all the old P.E.Op.S. cdr read
40 caching modes are available, the speed should be fine as well.
42 For the plugin settings, check out the included readme file
43 (but if you are familar with the P.E.Op.S. cdr config, you
44 will not have much troubles... the new plugin's config is even
45 easier to use, since you don't have to specify a read method).
47 I cannot say much about compatibility (since I did the plugin
48 in a few hours last weekend, and I only have a Liteon DVD drive
49 for tests available right now), but I think it's free of major
50 bugs, so feel free to try it.
52 Some stuff is not available right now: PPF support and subchannel
53 reading, for example (but both are not very important at the
54 moment, imho).
56 The sources of the plugin (license: GPL) can be found on the
57 P.E.Op.S. site on sourceforge, I've added a MS VisualStudio 6
58 project file, as well as a Bloodshed Dev-C++ one (you will
59 also need NASM for this one).
61 Ok, have fun :)

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