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3rdparty_deps/  309  9 years  william   remove unneeded cg headers
branch/  312  9 years  william   ** merged upstream revisions: r3795-r4048 ** fixed up some code in System.cpp an…
patches/  286  9 years  william   committing final changes to r4132 patches to fix local versioning
pcsx2_dependencies/  20  10 years  william   Updated: InstallingRequiredSDKsorLibraries.txt (Added note about needing to inst…
tag/  278  9 years  william   Tagging build of: pcsx2-0.9.7-DEBUG (upstream: v0.9.7.4013 local: v0.9.7.274-lat…
trunk/  313  9 years  william   Auto Commited Import of: pcsx2-0.9.7-DEBUG (upstream: v0.9.7.4151 local: v0.9.7.…
upstream/  7  10 years  william   add back svn:external to ./upstream... Will have to do a copy to ./trunk and rem…
auto_branch_latest_upstream.sh  279  9 years  william   uncommited changes to some scripts
auto_build.sh  142  10 years  william   fix $SUB_BUILD_OPTIONS and don't call prebuild from auto_build.sh
auto_build_defs.sh  294  9 years  william   fix build temp path to not point to /tmp, but to another location onthe C:\ driv…
auto_build_latest_upstream.sh  143  10 years  william   fix BUILD_PATH saving, and add built files to svn in trunk
auto_commit_trunk.sh  279  9 years  william   uncommited changes to some scripts
auto_defs.sh  129  10 years  william   when testing if trunk should be update and/or branch also use the local revision…
auto_import_3rdparty_deps.sh  94  10 years  william   Moved all Auto script definitions into auto_defs.sh. Updated all auto scripts to…
auto_import_patches.sh  123  10 years  william   fix patching -- make the script more intelligent
auto_import_post_patches.sh  161  10 years  william   explain (write to console) what the script is doing
auto_prebuild_latest_upstream.sh  144  10 years  william   fix exit codes for failure
auto_tag_latest_upstream.sh  147  10 years  william   auto_tag_latest_upstream.sh: TAG_NAME was used should have been $TAG_NAME
auto_update_from_upstream.sh  155  10 years  william   setup post patching scripts (things that need to run before commit)
auto_version_defs.sh  184  10 years  william   was not writing out "$PCSX2_VERSION_FILE" correctly
svnrev.tmpl  114  10 years  william   add versioning defs

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