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Fri Oct 21 11:03:08 2011 UTC (9 years ago) by william
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1 <?xml version="1.0"?>
2 <doc>
3 <assembly>
4 <name>s3pi.WrapperDealer</name>
5 </assembly>
6 <members>
7 <member name="T:s3pi.WrapperDealer.WrapperDealer">
8 <summary>
9 Responsible for associating ResourceType in the IResourceIndexEntry with a particular class (a "wrapper") that understands it
10 or the default wrapper.
11 </summary>
12 </member>
13 <member name="M:s3pi.WrapperDealer.WrapperDealer.CreateNewResource(System.Int32,System.String)">
14 <summary>
15 Create a new Resource of the requested type, allowing the wrapper to initialise it appropriately
16 </summary>
17 <param name="APIversion">API version of request</param>
18 <param name="resourceType">Type of resource (currently a string like "0xDEADBEEF")</param>
19 <returns></returns>
20 </member>
21 <member name="M:s3pi.WrapperDealer.WrapperDealer.GetResource(System.Int32,s3pi.Interfaces.IPackage,s3pi.Interfaces.IResourceIndexEntry)">
22 <summary>
23 Retrieve a resource from a package, readying the appropriate wrapper
24 </summary>
25 <param name="APIversion">API version of request</param>
26 <param name="pkg">Package containing <paramref name="rie"/></param>
27 <param name="rie">Identifies resource to be returned</param>
28 <returns>A resource from the package</returns>
29 </member>
30 <member name="M:s3pi.WrapperDealer.WrapperDealer.GetResource(System.Int32,s3pi.Interfaces.IPackage,s3pi.Interfaces.IResourceIndexEntry,System.Boolean)">
31 <summary>
32 Retrieve a resource from a package, readying the appropriate wrapper or the default wrapper
33 </summary>
34 <param name="APIversion">API version of request</param>
35 <param name="pkg">Package containing <paramref name="rie"/></param>
36 <param name="rie">Identifies resource to be returned</param>
37 <param name="AlwaysDefault">When true, indicates WrapperDealer should always use the DefaultResource wrapper</param>
38 <returns>A resource from the package</returns>
39 </member>
40 <member name="P:s3pi.WrapperDealer.WrapperDealer.TypeMap">
41 <summary>
42 Retrieve the resource wrappers known to WrapperDealer.
43 </summary>
44 </member>
45 <member name="P:s3pi.WrapperDealer.WrapperDealer.Disabled">
46 <summary>
47 Access the collection of wrappers on the &quot;disabled&quot; list.
48 </summary>
49 <remarks>Updates to entries in the collection will be used next time a wrapper is requested.
50 Existing instances of a disabled wrapper will not be invalidated and it will remain possible to
51 bypass WrapperDealer and instantiate instances of the wrapper class directly.</remarks>
52 </member>
53 </members>
54 </doc>

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