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Mon Feb 10 21:30:07 2014 UTC (6 years ago) by william
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1 ;type
2 ;tag (*=null)
3 ;y=stand alone resource
4 ;n=only embedded in a MODL or MLOD
5 ;desc
6 0x015A1849 GEOM N Body Geometry ; lies! but the stand alone is not a GenericRCOL
7 0x01661233 MODL Y Object Geometry
8 0x01D0E6FB VBUF N Vertex Buffer
9 0x01D0E70F IBUF N Index Buffer
10 0x01D0E723 VRTF N Vertex Format
11 0x01D0E75D MATD Y Material definition
12 0x01D0E76B SKIN N Mesh skin
13 0x01D10F34 MLOD Y Object Geometry LODs
14 0x02019972 MTST Y Material set
15 0x021D7E8C TREE Y
16 0x0229684B VBUF N Vertex Buffer(Used in shadow meshes, no associated VRTF)
17 0x0229684F IBUF N Index Buffer(Used in shadow meshes)
18 0x02D5DF13 Jazz Y Animation Sequences
19 0x033260E3 TkMk Y
20 0x0355E0A6 * Y Slot Adjusts
21 0x03B4C61D LITE Y
22 0x63A33EA7 ANIM Y
23 0x736884F1 VPXY Y Model Links
24 0xD3044521 RSLT Y Slot Definition
25 0xD382BF57 FTPT Y Model Footprint

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