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Properties/ 22 (10 years ago) by william: *** inital commit of NexusPowerCommand ++ commandline tool for executing the various power control operations
Program.cs 29 (10 years ago) by william: add code stubs for: + Shutdown + Restart + Logoff + Sleep
TokenAdjuster.cs 36 (10 years ago) by william: Obtained TokenAdjuster from:
win32api.cs 38 (10 years ago) by william: *** remove old wmi shutdown/reboot code +++ using TokenAdjuster.SetPriviledge with SeShutdownPrivilege causes shutdown and reboot to work just like logoff (all operations disaply the default 'force/cancel' dialog under windows7/vista
NexusPowerControl.ico 46 (10 years ago) by william: add icon
NexusPowerCommand.csproj 46 (10 years ago) by william: add icon
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