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Author: beartown
Date: 3:10:40 AM, Monday, June 21, 2010
First upload. Still todo in order to get a fully working product: Replace Thinstation images with vanilla Thinstation, modify ImageDesigntimeConfig.cs, ImageRuntimeConfig.cs in order to support the Thinstation image

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1 william 4 These are the tools needed in order to compile and build AnywhereTS:
3     Visual Studio 2008 with support for C# and Visual Basic.
4     HelpMaker 7.x (, Download from
6     Complete build instructions:
7     1. First build the ProHelp project (you might skip this step as the compiled Help file) is included.
8     2. Then open and build the solution in Visual Studio 2008.
12     Projects in solution AnywhereTS
14     The solutions consists of 6 projects:
16     CpanelInstaller
17     This is the installer for the AnywhereTS Control Panel. The installer for the AnywhereTS Control Panel is included in the main installer, so there should be no need to distribute this separately.
19     CSDLL
20     Support DLL for the AnywhereTS Admin tool. Contains various functionality, including some forms.
21     Used by the VBDLL, AnywhereTS Admin Tool and the AnywhereTS Control Panel
23     ProInstaller
24     This is the AnywhereTS main installer. The installer will install .NET 2.0 framwork and SQL Server Express if needed. It will also install the installer for the AnywhereTS control panel, so this can easly be redistributed to any computers where the AnywhereTS Control Panel should be installed.
26     TSAdminTool
27     This is the main AnywhereTS application, where you can configure terminals, build terminal images etc.
29     TSControlPanel
30     This is the AnyywhereTS Control Panel that can be run on any Windows computer and is used by the users to change the sound volume, screen resolution etc.
32     VBDLL
33     Support DLL containing various functionality and the main Windows form for configuring and building images.
34     Used by the AnywhereTS Admin Tool and the AnywhereTS Control Panel.
38     Other projects
40     ProHelp
41     This is the main Windows help for AnywhereTS. The help is contained in the file AnywhereTS.sh6, that could be opened and compiled using HelpMaker 7.x.
44     Third Party components
45     All third party components accept for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition are presently included in the tree.
46     At present there is no list of third party components included. Please have a look and find out.
47     Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is used by the AnyhwereTS Admin tool and AnywhereTS control Panel, and should be installed on the computer running the Admin Tool. It is not needed on computers that are only running the AnywhereTS Control Panel.
48     Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center.