Skyrim Download: SKSE 1.6.6 (runtime 1.8.151) with Better Gamepad key support
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SKSE 1.6.6 (runtime 1.8.151) with Better Gamepad key support:This modified version of SKSE (updated to beta 1.7.3, runtime*) adds better support for gamepad key functions.

updated to ( for runtime* (see the releases section for all updates)

note: this is now being released as an skse plugin

note: this requires skse to be installed: visit: http://skse.silverlock.org

If you have any problems with the plugin
You can contact me using any of the following methods:
Email: williamderieux@gmail.com
Google+: +WilliamLDeRieuxIV
Twitter: @Neoh4x0r

lastest update(s):

quoted from blog entry: blog -> games -> skyrim -> skse 1.6.6 (runtime 1.8.151) with better gamepad key support

Updated Features (as of 2015/11/11):
  • Updated to skse: 1.7.3
  • All Gamepad Keys can be used with, and fully work with, the following input functions:
    IsKeyPressed | TapKey | HoldKey | ReleaseKey | GetMappedKey | IsKeyHeld | DisableKey | EnableKey | IsKeyDisabled
  • Input.IsKeyPressed function can detect pressing with following keys with a gamepad:
    Forward/Back/Strafe Left/Strafe Right and trigger buttons
  • Added gamepad support for the following keys:
    Auto-Move | Quick Map | Quick Inventory | Quick Magic | Quick Stats | Screenshot | Mult-Screenshot (takes 10 screenshots evey 0.5s)
    NOTE: these keys must be used with a scripted hotkey mod (you can even set them up using an MCM menu, if you add MCM support)
  • Input.GetMappedKey: will automatically return the proper key code regardless of keyboard or gamepad usage
  • This feature could not be implemented in a plugin (I have asked if the SKSE dev team could include it)SkyUI MCM menus will allow the user to map keyboard/mouse keys and gamepad keys at the same time
    NOTE: you cannot use a keyboard and gamepad key for the same entry
    However, you can map entries to keyboard keys and map others to gamepad keys.
  • The whole point of these modifications was to make scripted mods work seamlessly with keyboards and xinput gamepads.
    Reports from some users are stating: 'that mods that did not work fully with a gamepad...are now...fully supported without being updated or messed with'
  • When using hotkey mods to open menus Quick Map | Quick Inventory | Quick Magic | Quick Stats | AutoMove | Screenshot -- no menu (or function) will be opened/executed if text input mode is activated

all modified releases/updates:

All previous versions have been removed -- per skse license (and the latest version is now being released as an skse plugin)

    compatible with runtime:*
  • latest build of neoh4x0r-gad plugin: /tags/neoh4x0r-gpad/latest
  • Also available from nexusmods.com: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71444/

  • installation instructions:
    • choose the release url (from above) [ie 1.6.6.x, etc]
    • choose the version folder you want (ie, etc)
    • download the zip file
    • extract into the root of you skyrim directory (overwrite the existing files)
    • run skse_loader.exe